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Time To Burn
The One I Love
The Heartless
The Thin Ice
Taste In Men
Tainted Love
Turn To Page
The Crown Of Sympathy
The One
Taking Over Me
Twisted Transistor
Take Me Away
The Reason
The Down Syndrome
This Love
Thank You
The Way I Am
Tell Him
The Young And The Hopeless
The Sacrament
Take My Breath Away
Till I Collapse
The Real Slim Shady
Take My Breath Away
Take Me Breath Away
The Four Horsemen
The Real Slim Shady
Take My Soul Away
The Picture I View
Time Is Ticking Out
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
Tha Gnome
The Scarecrow
The Narrow Way Part
Trapped Under Ice
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Shortest Straw
The Struggle Within
Te Quıero Puta!
The Rain Comes Falling Down
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
The Dogs Of War
The Sweetest Thing
The Burning Red
The Concept
To Live Is To Die
To Bid You Farewell
The Night And The Silent Water
The Power
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
The Fight For Freedom
The Realist Killaz
The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
This I Promise You
The Way I Am
Things I'll Never Say
The Everlasting
The Show Must Go On
This Too Will Pass
The Suicider
Twenty One
Too Lost In You
The Rebels
This Is The Day
The Gnome
The Power of Good-Bye
The Promise
Too Late
This Picture
Tomorrow Is Another Day
Through The Never
Tamally Maak
Thank You
Tuesday's Gone
Twenty Years
The Sun Does Rise
The Creator
Time Of Your Life
Tired Of Waiting For You
The Beloveds Cry
The Show Must Go On
Too Bad
Tears And Rain
The Beautiful People
The Icicle Melts
The Rock Show
Touch Of My Hand
The Funeral of Hearts
The Ensemble Of Silence

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