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Exeis Ta Mathia Pou Latrevo
Chernite Ochi
Nach Dir Kommt Nichts
Shut Up
Stay Together For The Kids
When There Was Me And You
Eternal Winds
All These Things I Hate Me(Revolve Around Me)
The Islander
The Way You Make Me Feel
What Happens Tomorrow
When I Grow Up
The Night I Lost The Will To Fight
Into The Fold
Give It To Me
It's Hard To Say
In My Darkest Hour
March Of Mephisto
Dust In The Wind
Love Me Tender
Only You
A Little Less Conversation
Viva La Vida
I Wanna Be Like You
Hold On
Tha Thela
Girna Se Mena
Pes to mou Ksana
I've Got A Dark Alley
The Music Or The Misery
The Take Over, The Break's Over
I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way
The Only Difference Between...
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
I Could Not Ask For More
Your Love Is Just A Lie
My Journey To The Stars
We Made It
With Eyes Wide Shut
1000 Meere
1000 Oceans
World, Hold On
A Dreaming Beauty
Losing My Religion
When The Sky Turns Black
Everyone Leaves
If I Never See Your Face Again (ft Rihanna)
Forever Young
Erase and Rewind
Somebody's watching me
Life in Mono
Coming Home
Ki Allo
Eisei nini akoma
Mou Leipeis
Ola ta ksehnas
Erota Mou Agiatreute
Can't Stand The Night
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Sweet Virginia
There It Was
You And I
Ke'ilo Kan & The Fire In Your Eyes
My Teenage Love Affair
Who's That Girl
A Perfect Sonnet
Take My Hand
The Story
Beautiful Lie
No Love
Don't Jump
Another Season
Try Again
Let Go
love like this
Somebody Save Me
Ti Na Protothimitho
Violet Hill
Dr Beat
No More Cup Off Coffee
2000 Watts
On My Knees
Don't Give Up (You Are Loved)
Billie Jean
Magic Works
Freakum Dress

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