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Samantha Mumba

Full Name: Samantha Tamania Anne Cecilia Mumba
Birth Date: January 18, 1983
Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
Ethnicity: Irish/African
Height: 5' 7"
Measurements: 36-25-34
Quote: "The Irish press has started to come up with crazy
stuff about me having boob jobs, and that's not true!"


Samantha Mumba Biography
Samantha Mumba was born in Dublin, Ireland, where she has become known as
quite a pop/R&B sensation. It's no wonder no one can believe she's only 18.
A student at Dublin's renowned Billie Barry Stage School from the age of
3 to 15, Samantha was always very studious about school. That is why when
she decided to leave school by the time she was 17, she knew she was immersing
herself into concentrating solely on her intensifying music career, especially
a record contract.
The ball got rolling for Samantha when she was cast as the lead in The Hot
Mikado, a jazzy 1998 production based on Gilbert and Sullivan's opera. Her
performance received many accolades, and ensured that Ireland -- and the world
-- would soon know who Samantha Mumba was.
She was then invited to perform on several Irish television shows, singing
live, even when they specified that she mime. The Irish television tour helped
Samantha gain both recognition and experience, but it was her particular aggressiveness
and persuasive attitude that made her professional career take off.
Samantha got herself into a Dublin nightclub by convincing the bouncer that
she was an R&B singer from New York, in town to produce her debut album. Once
in the club, her friend introduced her to the manager of boy bands Boyzone
and Westlife. He saw Samantha's talent, knew she had pop star potential, and
immediately singed her to his record label, Polydor.
After six months of intense performing and studio work while studying at
school, 17-year-old Samantha decided to leave and focus on her career. Juggling
school and performing was a difficult task, and she plans to return to her
studies if -- and when -- everything cools down. (Ironically, her and Brian
from Westlife were the two that were considered least likely to succeed in
the stage school.)
But it's doubtful that Samantha's career will be cooling off anytime soon,
especially not with her debut single, "Gotta Tell You" burning up the charts.
Released in 2000, the first track off her debut album of the same name rose
to number one in her native Ireland in a record breaking 4 days, has been
a number one hit in the US, and number 3 on the UK charts.
Her second single, Body II Body, will surely become a staple on the music
charts, as its already creating body heat in Ireland and the UK. Gotta Tell
You was released in 2000, and is steadily climbing up the international charts.
Although Samantha is constantly touring and taking her act worldwide, the
loyal Kylie Minogue fan calls Drumcondra,
Dublin, home.
Samantha Mumba Filmography
3 Crosses (2006)
Nailed (2006) .... Sapphire
Boy Eats Girl (2005) .... Jessica
Johnny Was (2005) .... Rita
Spin the Bottle (2003)
The Time Machine (2002) .... Mara

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