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Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo
Full Name: Piper Lisa Perabo
Birth Date: October 31, 1977
Birth Place: Toms River, New Jersey
Occupation: Actress/Model
Height: 5' 7"
Quote: "It takes a lot of guts to get up on top of
a bar and dance."


Piper Perabo Biography
Even before starring in any movies, Piper had been studying acting and performing
in several theatre productions at school. After University, she moved to New
York and was later cast in her first movie - a short film called Single Spaced,
where she played The Dame. Her first big role came after that, where she played
the girlfriend of a wannabe rapper in Whiteboyz. She also did another short
film at that time too called Knuckleface Jones. 2000 was a big year for her,
she was cast in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle as one of the lead
characters, FBI agent Karen Sympathy. And the break-out role that really got
her recognized and shot her into the spotlight was in Coyote Ugly. She played
Violet Sanford aka 'Jersey', who moves to New York to persue her dream of
becoming a songwriter. She had to take lessons in voice, guitar, piano and
bartending to prepare for the role. And despite the movie not doing as well
as it should have in theatres, she won an MTV Movie Award for Best Music Moment
for "One Way or Another".
In 2001 she starred in a great independent Canadian movie called Lost and
Delirious. She played a boarding school student who falls in love with another
girl. The next year she starred as a French exchange student in Slap Her,
She's French. It got shelved in North America and has only been released mostly
in Europe so far. After what seemed like a long wait, we got to see her again
in 2003, where she had a small role as the oldest daughter in Cheaper by the
Dozen. The movie also starred Steve Martin, Ashton Kutcher & Bonnie Hunt.
Some people might be wondering what happened to her, since not too many of
her movies have gotten wide releases lately, but she's finished 5 movies in
the past couple years - The I Inside, Perfect Opposites, George & the
Dragon, Edison, and recently a thriller called Prime Evil.
Piper Perabo Filmography
The Untitled Pastor Brothers Project (2007) .... Bobby
Because I Said So (2007) .... Mae
The Prestige (2006) .... Julia Angier
Ashes (2006) .... Bettina
First Snow (2006/I) .... Deirdre
Karas: The Prophecy (2006) (V) (voice) .... Yurine
10th & Wolf (2006) .... Brandy
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) .... Nora Baker-McNulty
Good Morning Baby (2005) .... Gabriella
Edison (2005) .... Willow
... aka Edison Force (USA: DVD title)
Imagine Me & You (2005) .... Rachel
... aka Hochzeit zu dritt, Eine (Germany)
... aka Imagine Me and You (Canada: English title: festival title)
The Cave (2005) .... Charlie
Perception (2005) .... Jen
George and the Dragon (2004) .... Princess Lunna
Perfect Opposites (2004) .... Julia
Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) .... Nora Baker
The I Inside (2003) .... Anna
Flowers (2002/I) .... Iris
Slap Her... She's French (2002) .... Genevieve Le Plouff
... aka Freche Biester! (Germany)
... aka She Gets What She Wants (USA: TV title)
Lost and Delirious (2001) .... Pauline 'Paulie' Oster
... aka Rage au coeur, La (Canada: French title)
... aka Rebelles (Canada: French title)
Followers (2000) .... Girl at Party
Coyote Ugly (2000) .... Violet Sanford
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) .... FBI Agent Karen Sympathy
... aka Abenteuer von Rocky und Bullwinkle, Die (Germany)
Whiteboyz (1999) .... Sara
... aka Whiteboys (France)
... aka Whiteboyz (USA: video box title)
Knuckleface Jones (1999) .... That Girl
Single Spaced (1998) .... Giant Squid

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