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Patricia Arquette

Birth Date: April 8 1968
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois USA
Height: 5' 1"


Patricia Arquette Biography
Actress Patricia Arquette is the granddaughter of Cliff Arquette, the daughter
of character actor Lewis Arquette, and the sister of leading lady Rosanna
Arquette and actors David Arquette and Alexis Arquette. Inaugurating her own
film career in the mid-1980s, the actress came into her own with a gallery
of fine portrayals in the 1990s. In 1993 alone, she was seen as the hero's
cousin/inamorata in Ethan Frome, the strung-out "heroine" of the stylishly
violent road movie True Romance, and the hero's lesbian sister in Inside Monkey
Zetterland. Arquette closed out 1994 on a fine note with her sympathetic portrayal
of Kathy O'Hara, the second wife of Hollywood's "world's worst director,"
in Tim Burton's Ed Wood.
The following year included a starring role in John Boorman's Beyond Rangoon
and a marriage to actor Nicolas Cage. In 1996, Arquette had lead roles in
a number of films, most notably David O. Russell's Flirting With Disaster,
in which she played Ben Stiller's put-upon wife. She then switched gears with
starring roles in David Lynch's Lost Highway and the thriller Nightwatch.
In 1998, she tried her hand at Westerns, playing the object of Woody Harrelson's
and Billy Crudup's desires in Stephen Frears' The Hi-Lo Country. Despite an
interesting premise and excellent cast, the film flopped, but Arquette continued
to work steadily the following year, with lead roles in the black comedy Goodbye,
Lover; Stigmata, in which she starred opposite Gabriel Byrne as a the unwitting
target of a supernatural phenomenon; and Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the
Dead, a film starring Arquette then husband Cage as a burnt-out paramedic.
Recently, she has worked with Adam Sandler in the comedy, Little Nicky, and
can also be seen in, In the Boom Boom Room. Her latest film, Human Nature,
will be in theaters this November.
Patricia Arquette Filmography
"Medium" .... Allison Dubois
Fast Food Nation (2006) .... Cindy
Tiptoes (2003) .... Lucy
... aka Tiny Tiptoes (France)
Holes (2003) .... Miss Kathryn 'Kissin' Kate' Barlow
Deeper Than Deep (2003) .... Linda Lovelace
The Badge (2002) .... Scarlett
Human Nature (2001) .... Lila Jute
... aka Human Nature (France) (USA)
Little Nicky (2000) .... Valerie Veran
Bringing Out the Dead (1999) .... Mary Burke
Stigmata (1999) .... Frankie Paige
The Hi-Lo Country (1998) .... Mona Birk
... aka Hi-Lo Country - Im Land der letzten Cowboys (Germany: TV title)
Goodbye Lover (1998) .... Sandra Dunmore
Nightwatch (1997) .... Katherine
Lost Highway (1997) .... Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield
The Secret Agent (1996) .... Winnie
... aka Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent
Infinity (1996) .... Arline Greenbaum
Flirting with Disaster (1996) .... Nancy
Beyond Rangoon (1995) .... Laura Bowman
Ed Wood (1994) .... Kathy O'Hara
Holy Matrimony (1994) .... Havana
Betrayed by Love (1994) (TV) .... Deanna
True Romance (1993) .... Alabama Whitman
... aka Breakaway (Philippines: English title)
Ethan Frome (1993) .... Mattie Silver
Trouble Bound (1993) .... Kit Califano
Inside Monkey Zetterland (1992) .... Grace Zetterland
... aka Monkey Zetterland (Australia)
Wildflower (1991) (TV) .... Alice Guthrie
Domenica specialmente, La (1991)
... aka Dimanche de préférence, Le (France)
... aka Especially on Sunday (USA)
The Indian Runner (1991) .... Dorothy
... aka Indian Runner (Japan: English title)
Prayer of the Rollerboys (1991) .... Casey
Dillinger (1991) (TV) .... Polly
"Tales from the Crypt"
... aka HBO's Tales from the Crypt
- Four-Sided Triangle (1990) TV Episode .... Mary Jo
- Good Sex, Some Sex, What Sex, No Sex (1990) TV Episode .... Stephanie
The Girl with the Crazy Brother (1990) (TV) .... Dana MacCallister
Uncle Buck (1989) (voice) .... Additional Voices
Far North (1988) .... Jilly
Time Out (1988) .... Lucy
Daddy (1987) (TV) .... Stacy
Pretty Smart (1987) .... Zero
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) .... Kristen Parker
... aka A Nightmare on Elm Street Part III (USA: closing credits title)

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