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christie brinkley

Birth Name: Christie Lee Hudson

Birth Date: February 2, 1954

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Height: 5' 9"

Measurements: 36C-23 ½ -35 ½

Christie Brinkley Biography

Christie Brinkley was one of the original supermodels, but her talents are more than skin-deep. She's an actress, an art lover and, most of all, a devoted mother who describes herself as a "big kid at heart."

It probably won't surprise you to learn that Christie Brinkley, the woman who epitomized all-American beauty for nearly two decades, was born in Malibu, California, home to bona fide California golden girls. But Brinkley is no Malibu Barbie. The daughter of a successful TV writer and producer, Brinkley daydreamed about leaving La-La Land and moving to Paris to become an artist. She pursued that dream after graduating from high school, and it was in the streets of Paris that she was "discovered" by a modeling agent. She appeared on her first magazine cover (for a French parenting magazine) shortly after that initial sighting.

It wasn't until Brinkley returned to the United States that she attained true supermodel status. The prestigious Ford Modeling Agency signed her immediately, and soon she was the new face of Cover Girl cosmetics, a job she held for 20 years. Brinkley also made waves as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (she graced the cover of the wildly popular swimsuit issue three years in a row). The blonde beauty has also acted on the big screen in 1983's "National Lampoon's Vacation" and 1997's "Vegas Vacation," both starring Chevy Chase.

While Brinkley's career has never wavered from its stellar course, her romantic rendezvous have been a bit rockier. Linked for nine years to rock 'n'roll legend Billy Joel, Brinkley is now married to her fourth husband, architect Peter Cook, and is the devoted mother to three children. Her past three marriages, she says now, were "learning experiences." These days, she lives with her family in the quaint Long Island town of Sag Harbor, outside of New York City.

Christie Brinkley Filmography

Vegas Vacation (1997) .... Woman in Ferrari
... aka National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
"Living in the 90's with Christie Brinkley" (1992) TV Series
Vacation (1983) .... The Girl in the Ferrari
... aka American Vacation (Europe: English title: video title)
... aka National Lampoon's Vacation (USA: complete title)

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