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amanda seyfried

Birth Date: December 3, 1985

Birth Place: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Height: 5' 3½"

Amanda Seyfried Biography

Amanda Seyfried (born December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American actress and model.

Seyfried started her career as an actress in soap operas. In 2000, she was the first actress to play Lucy Montgomery on CBS's As the World Turns. She went on, from 2002 to 2003, to play Joni Stafford on ABC's All My Children.

In 2004, Seyfried was cast as one of the "Plastics", Karen Smith, in the movie Mean Girls.

Currently, Seyfried has a recurring role as Lilly Kane in the UPN television series Veronica Mars. In her role as Lilly Kane, she appears on the show through a series of flashbacks, which portray her as a wild, stylish, and bubbly teenage daughter of a business executive. Lilly often is compared to the role of Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer, who also was deceased and appeared through various flashbacks as the plot unfolded. She also currently appears as Rebecca on ABC Family's television series Wildfire.

Seyfried has had primetime cameo appearances on Fox's House and NBC's Law & Order. In 2006, she will appear topless in the film Alpha Dog, starring pop icon Justin Timberlake.

In addition to her acting and modeling career, Seyfried is a student at New York City's Fordham University. She is a 2003 graduate of Allentown's William Allen High School.

Amanda Seyfried Filmography

In Search of (2006) .... Cathy
- Taking Off (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca
- Family Matters (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca
- Dangerous Liaisons (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca
- A Good Convict Is Hard to Find (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca
Alpha Dog (2006) .... Julie Beckley
"Big Love" .... Sarah Henrickson
American Gun (2005) .... Mouse
"Veronica Mars" .... Lilly Kane
"House, M.D."
... aka House (USA: short title)
- Detox (2005) TV Episode .... Pam
Nine Lives (2005) .... Samantha
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
... aka Law & Order: SVU (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka Special Victims Unit (New Zealand: English title)
- Outcry (2004) TV Episode .... Tandi McCain
Mean Girls (2004) .... Karen Smith
"All My Children" (1970) TV Series .... Joni Stafford (2002-2003)
... aka All My Children: The Summer of Seduction (USA: promotional title)
"As the World Turns" (1956) TV Series .... Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery 2 (2000)

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