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biography Kristy Hinze biyografisi Kristy Hinze hakkında biyografi Kristy Hinze
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Kristy Hinze

Kristy Hinze
Birth Date: 1980
Birth Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation: Model


Kristy Hinze Biography
There are few places on Earth as beautiful as Sydney, Australia, so it's only fitting that it served as place of birth for Kristy Hinze in 1980. But before long, Kristy moved with her parents to Queensland, but it was in the town of Beaudesert that the family settled, on a horse and cattle ranch. It was quite a departure for the family, which was rooted in politics. (Her grandfather was the late Russ Hinze, an Australian state minister with quite a reputation. He who belonged to the National Party was known to be one of the most corrupt men in the Southern Hemisphere.)
At a time when most teenagers still have a prohibitive curfew and aren't allowed to date, Kristy was already starting up a career. She started modeling when she was barely in her teens and this put her name in the history books. In 1994, when she was only 14 years old, Kristy was contracted to appear in the Australian edition of Vogue. Not only was she the youngest person to ever achieve this, she was also the first Australian native.
Kristy soon became part of Vivien's Model Management. As one of Australia's most prestigious modeling agencies, it was able to get her assignments, represent her best interests, and develop her career. For the next year, Kristy's modeling schedule was frenzied. She was constantly on airplanes, going to cities like Sydney and Melbourne. After assignments, she would rush back home to do her homework and take care of her horses.
In the summer of 1999, Kristy knew that if she wanted to make it with the greats in the fashion industry, she'd have to relocate to New York City. This turned out to be a wise career move, as she was soon hired to be one of the fortunate ladies in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which hit newsstands in February 2000.
Kristy soon decided she take a chance with acting. She was cast in Boys and Girls (2000); a movie that explored how people can remain friends after they sleep together. Kristy appeared in Jason Biggs' dream sequence, which goes terribly wrong as lingerie and flatulence are involved. She shared the screen with fellow supermodels Renate Verdaam, Kylie Bax, and Ines Rivero.
After doing some work for Victoria's Secret, she appeared in Maxim in November 2000. Subsequently, she returned to the movies with a small part in Adam Rifkin's Without Charlie (2001) starring Judy Greer, The West Wing's Joshua Malina, and porn legend Asia Carrera.
Following the incredible feat of getting her picture on the cover of the British edition of Cosmopolitan in October 2002, Kristy made another independent film called The Look (2003), which told the story of teenagers who gather in New York for a modeling competition. Although the movie wasn't widely distributed, Kristy got to appear alongside the famous and beautiful Carol Alt. After that, she quickly joined the cast of yet another motion picture, the Australian comedy The Extra (2005).
Kristy still resides in the United States but she returns Down Under frequently, especially to Noosa, which she calls her Australian home away from home.
Kristy Hinze Filmography
The Extra (2005) .... Catherine Arena
The Look (2003) .... Elaine
Boys and Girls (2000) .... Supermodel

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