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cat deeley

Full Name: Catherine Deeley

Birth Date: October 23, 1976

Birth Place: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England, UK

Occupation: Model/TV personality/Host

Height: 5' 9"

Quote: "I guess I like them a bit rough around the edges -- like you need to take them home and give them a good scrub." -on why she likes bad boys

Cat Deeley Biography

Catherine Deeley was born October 23rd, 1976, in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England. The farthest thing from model material while growing up in England (or at least that's what she thought), Cat never had modeling on her mind and was more interested in hanging out with her younger brother Max and being the tomboy that she was.

Although she wasn't all too concerned with her looks and cared more about her grades, Cat participated in a regional BBC competition called The Clothes Show, at age 14. The fact that she didn't win was of no importance; she still had the looks to get her to the final rounds of the competition, and was spotted by an agent from Storm modeling agency.

Cat was signed to Storm right away, and the agency tried to convince the then-student to put a hold on school and take on modeling full-time, but studious Cat was not convinced. She stayed in school and earned herself 9 GCSE A grades and 4 A-level passes, and as luck would have it, the modeling world was waiting for the beautiful brunette. Cat's modeling years took her all over the world, but her face has since become a staple of UK television.

She has the looks to be on television -- that's a given -- but Cat was looking for a different type of career, one that would allow her the chance to be her quirky self. She sent in a videotape audition for a VJ position on ITV, and wowed her co-presenters Dec and Ant by pulling a prank on them during her audition. There was no question about it; ITV wanted to hire her as a presenter for its Saturday morning shows, SM:TV Live and CD:UK. Cat has been a Saturday morning regular since 1998, and has taken on numerous other projects since then.

Cat has made guest appearances on TFI Friday, An Audience with Ricky Martin, Comic Relief: Say Pants to Poverty (also featuring Robbie Williams, David Beckham and wife Victoria, along with many other British personalities), as well as the 2001 Brit Awards and the comedy Happiness.

With looks, a bubbly personality, and charm, Cat has been considered among the sexiest women on the planet. One of the most desired women in the UK, Cat is also MTV's leading presenter, as seen on Cat's MTV shows Hitlist UK, Amour and Stylissimo.

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