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biography paige davis biyografisi paige davis hakkında biyografi paige davis
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paige davis

Birth Name: Mindy Paige Davis

Birth Date: 15 October 1969

Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Religion: Jewish

Occupation: Game Show Host

Nationality: American

"The best thing about New York is everything is available. Whatever you want, New York has got it!" says Paige Davis.

Paige is not only actress but also singer and dancer. She is an American. Mindy Paige Davis is her birth name. Patrick Page is husband of Paige. Paige is leaving with her husband in Manhattan.

We cannot define Paige's beauty and her energy. Paige likes to wear tight pants or jeans and cotton T-shirt.

In 1997 she got her first break in the national tour of Beauty and the Beast as Babette.

Paige Davis was born on 15 October 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United State. She was began her dancing and entertaining from an age of 13 when she found her mother's West Side Story album.

From the Youth Performing Arts School she completed her school education in 1987. After school education, from the Meadow School of Arts at Southern Methodist University she has completed her graduate degree. Then she moved to Los Angeles for her future career.

In the Broadway revival of Chicago Paige Davis danced and sang as Roxie Hart. With Disney's play Beauty and Best she toured over two years. For the same show that Disney's play she met to her husband, Patrick Page at the time traveling. Paige Page is her birth name and she didn't want to be known by this name that's why she has changed her name after marriage.

Trading Spaces was the home makeover show on TLC and Paige Davis is best known for host of that series. Davis posed for the cover of TV Guide in 2003 TLC was reportedly against that. In 2004 she did a sexy dance for AIDS fundraiser for cash.

"I'm basically for the whole year just traveling with three suitcases" says Paige Davis.

Paige Davis's - Filmography
Following is the list of Paige Davis's film career.

Film Career of Paige Davis

Year Movie Name
2004 The 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
2004 Trading Spaces: Home Free
2004 Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters
2000 Trading Spaces

Paige Davis's TV Guest Appearances

Year Movie Name
2004 The Tony Danza Show
2004 The Oprah Winfrey Show
2003 Good Day Live
2003 Hollywood Squares
2003 The Wayne Brady Show
2003 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The best thing about New York is everything is available. Whatever you want, New York has got it!

I'm kind of a nerd in that I get really excited about things... I love anticipating if they're going to like their rooms or not.

I'm basically for the whole year just traveling with three suitcases.

I prefer coffee over tea. Soy, hazelnut latte.

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