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david beckham

Nicknames: David Beckham
Birth Date: 2 May 1975

Birth Place: Leytonstone, London, England, UK

Height: 6'

Weight: 74Kg

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Light Brown

Sign: Taurus

Nationality: British

Position: Right Midfield

Profession: Actor, Member Of Real Madrid Football Club, Model

David Robert Joseph Beckham known as David Beckham is an English football player. He is widely regarded as most famous player in the world signed with Manchester United in 1993 and Real Madrid in 2003. He is now playing for Real Madrid as a captain of English National team and widely known for his crossings, long-range free kicks and corner hits.

David Beckham typically plays as a midfield for various teams. His popular nickname is Becks. In 1995 United manager Alex Ferguson selects Beckham as one of the team player when three of his first-team players left the club at the end of the 1994-95 seasons. In August 1996 Beckham become popular when he scored a spectacular goal in a match against Wimbledon F.C.

In the summer of 2003, his name was used as the title in the sleeper hit Bend It Like Beckham. Soon, he will star in a documentary drama film about Real Madrid, Real: The Movie, along with the club's superstars Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Raul. The film is scheduled to premiere this summer to tie in with the Spanish team's worldwide tour.

After doing the film Goal! he kicked out the film career. The film would mark his first major part in a feature film. He is seen in all 3 segments of trilogy in the movie. Find his summary of movies where he act as an actor at David Beckham's filmography.

David Beckham - Biography

One of the most influential and favorite football player David Beckham was born on 2nd may 1975 in Leytonstone, England. David's parent's names are Sandra West a hairdresser and Ted Beckham a kitchen fitter, He also has two sisters named Joanne and Lynne. His parents were Manchester United supporters and they bought him Man United kits.

David Beckham made his practice at a local side and at the age of 11 he won the TSB Bobby Charlton Soccer Skills Finals. Watching this Manchester United scout, Malcolm Fidgeon was decided to talk to David's parents about David playing for United. But David's parent decided that their son should finish school and then join the Manchester United.

After finishing his school David went to London to play games for Manchester United in 1987 and he was mascot for a match against West Ham United F.C. David Beckham attended one of the soccer school of Bobby Charlton in Manchester and got the chance for taking part in training session at FC Barcelona in a talent competition.

On the occasion of his fourteen birthday in 1989 he signed the schoolboy forms at United after that in 1991 he signed a Young training scheme contract. Beckham was not as good at school because of that at the age of 16 he failed out and went to play soccer for Manchester United's Jr. Team.

By the 1996 when David was 18 years old he played his first pro game for Manchester United. David Beckham become one of the most popular players in the England. He helped the team to won an FA cup and a Premier Division title in the same year. And a few months later he become professional with the Manchester United team.

David Beckham helped out England in quarter-finals of the World Cup of Soccer played in Korea and Japan when they became looser by the Brazilians. In the summer of 2003 David Beckham was awarded as OBE (Order Of British Empire Honor) in Queen Elizabeth II's honors list. Also his name was used as the title in the sleeper hit "Bend It Like Beckham" in the same year.

Also he had done movie "Goal" in which Beckham will have a cameo appearance. The film is about an L.A. kid who signs with Newcastle United and will be under Mel Gibson's Icon Productions. His Upcoming movies include "The Pink panther".

Talking about his married life David Beckham married a Spice Girls star Victoria Adams in 1999 and they become Britain's one of the most famous couple. The couple now has three sons: Cruz Beckham (born on February 20, 2005), Romeo James (born on September 1, 2002), and Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (born on March 4, 1999).

David Beckham - Quotes

If someone had said in 1998 after my sending off in the World Cup that I would be leading my country out within three years I would have laughed in their face.

The England team should be managed by an English manager.

Whenever Man Utd lose people always say there's a crisis.

On Real Madrid: To experience playing and being in the same team as these players is something that might not ever happen again - to have so many players in one team. I just wanted to be one of these stars and play in this team.

Alex Ferguson is the best manager I've ever had at this level. Well, he's the only manager I've actually had at this level. But he's the best manager I've ever had.

As a footballer you always want to test yourself against the best.

In Spain people have lunch and dinner a lot later - when I return to England I'll have to eat alone at midnight.

Pele was a complete player. I didn't see him live obviously, because I wasn't born.

Well, I can play in the centre, on the right and occasionally on the left side - when asked if he thought that he was a volatile player

I like Victoria for herself, not for nothing else. I'd like her if she worked in Tesco.

I always wanted to be a hairdresser.

People can say what they like. But me and Victoria will always stay together as husband and wife.

Shopping! - Beckham describing his strengths

At home things are hard. For instance, my curtains are never open, I get no privacy at all. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw daylight in my house.

I think the most important goal I scored in Spain was the first one because people were wary about me coming over to Spain as a player - they thought I was just there to sell shirts.

I definitely want (my son) Brooklyn to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet.

It's one thing I like about America - they respect the sportsman. They put them up on a pedestal. They don't try to knock them down. And that's a great thing, to be respected by the whole country. It's so patriotic!

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