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jennifer lopez

Nicknames: "La Guitarra" (guitar shaped body), J.Lo
Birth Date: July 24, 1970
Birth Place: New York, USA
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Sign: Leo
Profession: Actress, Singer

Fan Mail : Jennifer Lopez
C/O United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

"Beauty is only skin deep. I think what's really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit. Somebody said to me not too long ago, 'Until you're twenty, you have the face you are born with, and after that you have the face you deserve', and I really loved that - the idea that you wear who you are on your face."
- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez nicknamed J.Lo is a dancer, fashion designer, singer and an actor. Known for her famous buttocks, music tracks, clothing line Jennifer stands out to be the most wealthiest entertainer under the age of 40 and one of highest paid actress in Hollywood. Her tracks created raves amongst the listeners and viewers with the hits like "Waiting for tonight", "If you had my love" amongst others. Being nominated for consecutive 7 years speaks about her caliber.

Jennifer Lopez was born to Guadalupe Rodríguez and David Lopez on July 24, 1969. Jennifer Lopez lived with her highly ethical family along with two sisters Lynda and Leslie. Jennifer in school days was highly energetic and active in sports. She also took it to the track team, and made it to the nationals. Alcohol is a strict no to this dancing angel till now. Jennifer did all her studies in a catholic school, and she still says her prayers. At the age of 16, she found her first love, David Cruz, whom she dated till she was 25. At the age of 16, Jennifer started attending dancing classes, which she later took as a full time practice and also started dancing in the night clubs. In protest of her parents for the same reason, she left her house and started living on the dance floors untill she became capable to pay the rent of appartments.

Jennifer was definitely a hard worked for she gave hundreds of auditions for numerous dance gigs. Her first couple assignments were as a video girl and guest spot on American Music Awards. In 1990 came her biggy project as a fly girl in The Living Girl. Then came her TV appearances in South Central, Second Chances, Hotel Malibu and Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7, to name some of them. She also acted in a Janet Jackson video. Then came her movies My Family, Money Train, Blood and Wine.

Her contribution to the music is world known. Her debut album was On The 6, which contained the hit songs like Waiting for tonight and if you had my love. Jennifer Lopez was nominated in the best dance recording category for her "waiting for tonight" and lets get loud" video. Then came her J.Lo which contained the My Love Don't Cost A Thing which was on the top chart in U.k. She then worked with Chritina Milian and 50 cent to get the lyrics for her songs. Her third album was This is me then. Rebirth her latest album was released on March 1, 2005. To summarized J.Lo rocked the billboard in ratings.

Jennifer Lopez doesn't remain a name in the entertainment world, she also owns her own clothing line "JLo by Jennifer Lopez". Then there are other products which she brought into the market under her brand mostly the fragrances such as Glow by J.Lo, Love at first glow, Still, Maimi Glow by J.Lo, Live by Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez used strategies like giving away a ring and bracelates around the bottles which people can wear. She often faced demonstrations from PETa for using fur in most of her clothing lines. Jennifer Lopez owns Nuyorican Productions, a production company.

Jennifer Lopez has been linked up with many stars around. However Ben Affleck seems to be the man to stand out as he dated her for two years and also his gift to her which costed a $3.5 million ring. But their wedding was called off. Currently Jennifer has married Mark Anthony and is a stepmother of three children. Her first marriage was with a waiter Ojania Neo, then came her boufriend Sean Combs.

Jennifer Lopez - Filmography
Jennifer Lopez's filmography as Actor

Year Movie Name
2006 American Darlings (pre-production)
2006 Tick-Tock (pre-production)
2005 Bordertown (filming)
2005 An Unfinished Life
2005 Monster-in-Law
2005 Lost in the Wild
2004 Shall We Dance?
2004 Jersey Girl
2003 Gigli
2002 The Chambermaid
2002 Maid In Manhattan
2002 Enough
2001 The Wedding Planner
2001 Angel Eyes
2000 The Cell
1998 Out of Sight
1998 Antz (voice)
1997 Anaconda
1997 Selena
1997 U-Turn
1996 Blood and Wine
1996 Jack
1995 My Family
1995 Money Train
1994 Hotel Malibu (TV Series)
1994 South Central (TV Series)
1993 Second Chances (TV Series)
1993 Nurses on the Line : The Crash of Flight 7 (TV)
1990 In Living Color (TV Series)
1990 Lambada (1990/I)
1990 Lambada
1987 My Little Girl
1986 My Little Girl

Producer - filmography

Year Movie Name
2006 South Beach (TV Series) (filming) (executive producer)
2005 Bordertown (filming) (producer)
2001 Jennifer Lopez in Concert (TV) (executive producer)
2000 Jennifer Lopez: Feelin' So Good (V) (executive producer)

Composer - filmography

2003: Jennifer Lopez: The Reel Me (V)
songs: "Feelin' So Good",
"I'm Real",
"Ain't it Funny",
"I'm Real [Remix]",
"Ain't it Funny [Remix]",
"I'm Gonna Be Alright"

2000: Jennifer Lopez: Feelin' So Good (V)
song: "Feelin' So Good"

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